STP Fuel Injector Cleaner


Making sure that your car runs smoothly is the best treatment you can give to a car. Sometimes a car can pass you on the road and the type of sound and air pollution just irritates everyone. That is one person who does not care about the car fuel system. Probably he or she does not remember the last time the fuel system was cleaned. To maintain a smooth ride without any issues, it is advisable to use STP fuel injector cleaner to remove the dirt along the fuel system and the fuel injector itself.

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The STP fuel injector cleaner is a highly concentrated, super strength cleaner that many people use to clean their fuel systems. Here is why the STP fuel injector cleaner is quite popular among the drivers.

  • If you are looking to improve on the fuel economy, STP fuel injector will help to do that. When the fuel system has been cleaned, the fuel delivery is faster and more power is delivered to the engine. Every person dreams of having a powerful car that can go for miles without issues.
  • Many countries are now strict on the type of cars that are being driven on the road. This is a move to help in reducing the amount of emissions on the road. If your car fuel system is not cleaned, the end result is having a car with many emissions. This will make the relevant authorities to charge you more on emission fees. To reduce these emissions by using an STP fuel injector cleaner.
  • Remember that feeling you used to get when you accelerate smoothly. That feeling might have been taken by the dirty fuel system. The car now has trouble accelerating because of all the dirt. It is about time to remove the dirt by using the fuel injector cleaner. Once the dirt is removed, the fuel combustion rate will be greatly improved, thus regaining good acceleration once again.
  • The dirt in the fuel system is likely to cause some major damage if not removed early. Some people have complained about their systems corroding after a while. That is what happens if the dirt starts to clog the filter and the other parts of the fuel system. To control such clogging, it is about time to use the STP fuel injector cleaner to unclog the system.
  • If you are looking for the fuel system to work as if it was new again, it has to be cleaned. The STP fuel injector cleaner is helping many people to clean and recondition their fuel systems. Clean fuel systems are better in fuel delivery. Any person who has a clean fuel system will be smiling during the entire trip because of the impressive power delivery.

The best part is that the treatment done by this fuel injector cleaner will last for a long time. The recommended rate is that you do the treatment again after 4,000 miles. That is quite a long distance for you to cover before needing to clean the fuel system again.

Fun things to do with a metal detector


Picking metals as a hobby that not many people think is addictive. However, things change when you end up finding something impressive by using your metal detector. Here are some fun things to do with a metal detector.


  1. The feeling of going out without knowing what you will get with the metal detector is just impressive. People have found an old box of coins that some buried in the sand forgot about its location. This could be because of the rain that washed away all the marks pointing to the box. Some people have found diamond rings that are worth a lot of money that someone might have lost in the past.
  2. Some people use the metal detector as a way to calm down and forget about the stresses of life. Just imagine that adrenaline that rushes in a person when they set out to search for valuables along the beach. The beeping sound from the detector makes a person feel excited after finding something new. That feeling alone will make the stress of the week just melt away.
  3. This might sound unreal but metal detectors somehow help people to exercise. A metal detector might make a person to walk around for long hours trying to find treasure. Without the knowledge of exercising, a person might just find this relaxing. For those people who hate exercising, trick yourself into taking up the metal detector and start looking for metal treasures.
  4. It does not have to be a hobby in order for someone to enjoy the art of metal detectors. It is actually a great way for a person to meet new people. During your quest, it is easy to find other people doing the same. Most people love to share what they have got in life so far. Share too with them what is the best thing you have ever got by using a metal detector. You will be surprised by just how people get treasures from metal detectors.
  5. Metal detectors have made people take the time to learn about their local area. This is fun as without the knowledge about the local area, it can be hard to know where to look for valuables. It is fun to see how people can get committed to learn the history of a place in order to get that upper hand for those people who have no idea about the terrain of the location.
  6. Metal detecting activity is a fun thing to do as a whole family. Many people are always complaining that they do not have anything to do as a family. It is time to take up the metal detectors and go out to bond as a family.

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There a number of hunting clubs that are coming up. These clubs help people to locate places where they can visit and enjoy looking for treasure. You can form such a club and earn money from it. Many people like it when they are helped by the club to find the best places to hunt.

Air Compressor vs. Oil Compressor; what is the difference?


Air compressor overview

The air compressors have a number of applications in our lives. They can be used in light tasks around the work place such as spray painting, sandblasting, powering a nail gun and many other functions. People never get to understand how the air compressor works. Yes, the compressor had oil but it is not used in the compression part. The oil in the air compressor is responsible for lubricating the parts inside the compressor. There is no oil that will escape into the air when the parts are in motion.


Advantages of air compressor

  • The air compressors are quite cheap as compared to the oil compressors. This applies to both the initial cost and the maintenance fees.
  • The air compressor is lightweight as compared to the oil compressor. It makes it perfect to use when you need to move it around the house or a construction site. If you are working on a project in the garage, moving it is quite simple.
  • Air compressor provides impressive air quality. Such a feature makes it applicable to different work places. An example is in a food processing company where a simple drop of oil is unacceptable.

Disadvantages of air compressor

  • Get ready to spend some money on buying a new air compressor soon as they do not last for long. The same cannot be said for the oil compressors as they outlive their expectations
  • The air compressors are quite noisy. You do not want to operate them near a sleeping baby.

Oil Compressor overview

The oil compressors work by converting the power into pressurized air. Oil compressors are used in cases where powerful steam is required; thanks to its large pressure, it can always deliver up to the client’s expectations. The oil compressors use the oil to lubricate the motor but in this case, sometimes the oil could escape into the air. For many applications, this is not a big deal since no one would notice the oil during the compressor use. The main difference between the oil and air compressor is the amount of power generated by either compressor.

Oil compressor pros

  • For people who are looking for durability, the oil compressor is the best to buy. The oil compressor is sturdier than the air compressor in so many ways. This is why the oil compressor becomes the best in durability.
  • The oil compressors are quiet as compared to the air compressors. Such a feature makes them perfect to be used in house without the worry of noise pollution.
  • The oil compressors are also known for delivering a lot of power whenever needed. They can handle bigger tasks than the air compressors.

Oil compressor cons

  • The oil compressors are quite more expensive than the air compressors. The reason is that they get to deliver more power and features than the air compressors.

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The oil compressors are just heavy. They are not suitable for people who would want to regularly move the compressor from one location to another.

What are the best water softeners?


Water softeners are now quite common in most homes. Water is the only thing that has many applications in our lives. The applications are just countless, but if the water is contaminated, the applications are greatly reduced. To ensure that the water is free from mineral and chemical pollutants, getting a water softener is something we cannot avoid. A number of water softeners exist in the market; here are the most rated as the best in what they do.


  1. Fleck 5600SXT Grain Water Softener

The fleck water softener is highly rated by people who have owned the system. The system is used to soften water for the whole house because of its size. It is about time to forget about using hard water, which has many disadvantages. If you have such a system installed, the household plumbing system will be protected from the corrosive nature of the hard water from the mains supply. The system has a digital control valve that will make the regeneration happen whenever needed. This is unlike other systems that a person has to do the regeneration manually.

  1. NuvoH20 Water softening system

The NuvoH20 system is popular because of the many advantages it offers when it comes to providing water softening solutions. The NuvoH20 system eliminates water hardness using natural ways. It operates by lowering the pH level of the water. This process is called chelation. The chelation process makes the hard minerals in the water to remain soluble at all times. This means that the minerals will no longer cling to appliances and the house pipes.

  1. Watts RV Pro-1000 Portable Water Softener

This is a portable water softener that many people love to carry because of its applications. It is helpful to people who love to camp. You never know that where to set the camp will have hard water. All you need is simply take out your water softener and enjoy soft water in the end. If you want to install the system in the house, it is a very simple process. All the steps are clearly outlined on the label. The regeneration process takes only 20 minutes and you will be back to receiving soft water.

  1. WaterBoss 220 water softener

The WaterBoss 200 system is great for people looking to have their water softened quickly. It is small but very effective. Many people who know it rarely complain about its ability to handle hard water. It needs only 18 minutes for its regeneration process to complete then it will be ready to continue softening water for some time. This softener system is best for softening water for the entire house.

  1. Morton Salt MSD34C system

Morton System was made to cater for a large family. It has the capacity to soften a lot of water before it needs to perform the regeneration process. It does not take up a lot of space when it comes to installation. All the brine tank and mineral tank have been combined into one to save on space. It is also cost effective in a way that it uses half-salt levels than the other models.

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Humidifier buying guide


The humidifiers are important to help in regulating the amount of moisture in the atmosphere. The first step to picking a humidifier is measuring the humidity level in the house before setting out to buy the humidifier. Use a hygrometer to measure the humidity level. The hygrometers are inexpensive and they will help any person to pick the perfect humidifier based on your needs. Here is the humidifier buying guide.



Picking between cool and warm mist humidifier

Many humidifiers come as warm or cool mist humidifiers. Some are now advanced to bring in a dual unit that has both the warm and cool humidifier. Ask the retailer to tell you about the difference between the two or simply search online to learn about the difference. If you have children in the house, it is better if you choose to buy the cool mist humidifier. Having too much humidity will be problematic for the kids. Always keep the humidity at the required level for the kids.

Humidifier portability

Portability is something the many people will look in a humidifier. They need a humidifier that can be carried to several locations and provide the required moisture. The small and compact sized humidifier is usually a one liter and can be used anywhere in the house. A room humidifier is quite large as compared to the portable one. They however do the same job.

Determine the humidifier capacity

Every humidifier will have that area it can cover based on its capacity. All the humidifiers are rated as to what extend they can moisten the air in the room. Take the measurements of the room before checking yourself to a store in order to buy the humidifier. Always buy a humidifier that will provide enough humidity in the whole room and possibly the next rooms. The water tank is also a great way of determining the humidifier capacity.

How to control the moisture output

Pick a humidifier with an easy way of controlling the moisture output. We all know that it can also be dangerous if you have too much humidity in the air. Many humidifiers are now coming with a hygrometer attached to them. The hygrometer will indicate the amount of moisture in the air. This makes a person to know when to turn off the humidifier. Some now come with an automatic system that measures the humidity and turn off when the moisture is enough.

The frequency of refilling the humidifier

Many humidifiers have varying water tanks. They start from the smallest being 1 liter to the largest of about 5 gallons. It will depend on the personal use when it comes to picking between the water tank sizes. To avoid refilling every few hours and save on the money too, most people are recommended to buying a 2-gallon humidifier.

Ease of operation and maintenance

The ease of operation is something that will attract anyone to buying a humidifier. Choose a humidifier that will be easy to operate even for the kids. The same goes for maintenance. You do not want a humidifier that will work for a few weeks and it needs major repairs.

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